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Smith Lab

Susan Jenkins

Susan JenkinsMs. Jenkins is a research specialist in Dr. Yoland Smith’s lab.  Her position involves an array of duties ranging from testing antibodies, cutting tissue, training students, immuno’s, etc.  Along with Jeff Pare, she is involved in the day to day activities and functions of the lab.  Susan is a Histologist and graduated from MUSC- Medical University South Carolina in Charleston.  Over the years she has worked in both research and clinical environments.  She previously held positions as a Pathology supervisor at a Children’s hospital, worked for a Dermatologist involving skin cancer, and worked at a large private lab.  Most of her career has been at Emory and she has been with Dr Smith thirteen years now.  Click here for Ms. Jenkins' current publications.

Jeff Pare

Jeff PareMr. Pare is the lab supervisor for Dr. Yoland Smith.  He graduated from Ste-Foy College in Quebec, Canada in 1989 as a Laboratory Technologist.  Jeff changed direction and started working in research in 1992 and has been overseeing Dr Smith’s lab ever since.  He is responsible for training and supporting members of the laboratory along with assuming the day to day operations of the lab.  Additional responsibilities include maintaining both electron microscopes at Yerkes and acting as the designated member for the use of our confocal microscope.  Mr. Pare is involved in numerous research projects; working on the localization of muscarinic receptor 1 and 4 in the striatum of the rat, localization of NMDAR 1 in the CA1 region of the hippocampus of the rat, the co-localization of vGluT1 and vGluT2 in the Globus Pallidus of monkeys and finally the localization of vGluT2 in the motor cortex of normal and MPTP monkeys.  Click here for Mr. Pare's current publications.

Ashley Swain

Ashley SullivanMs. Swain attended Spelman College (Atlanta, GA) where she received a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a minor in Chemistry.  She then entered a doctoral program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) in applied mathematics.  During her first year in this program, she began to study mathematical neuroscience with Dr. Carina Curto.  The main focus of Dr. Curto’s lab was mathematics applied to and arising from theoretical and computational neuroscience, in particular, looking at the interface between neural network theory and neural coding.  Through rotations in different laboratories, Ms. Swain honed her interests and research to understanding the neuroanatomical aspects of movement disorders.  She joined the laboratory of Drs Smith and Wichmann in 2013.  Her thesis project aims at characterizing synaptic plasticity changes in the relationships between the thalamus and the basal ganglia in Parkinson’s disease.