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Jaeger Lab

Li Su, PhD

Li Su PhotoDr. Li Su obtained a PhD in Biophysics from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2004 after majoring in Biology at Xiamen University in 1998.  Following a postdoctoral fellowship in the Jaeger lab between 2004 and 2008 where he studied the effects of subthalamic deep brain stimulation on cortical activity in the rat, he became a professional artist and photographer until 2016.  He rejoined the Jaeger lab as a research specialist in 2017 under the Udall grant.  His current research focuses on extracellular recordings from the basal ganglia thalamocortical loop in behaving mice and optogenetic circuit stimulation.  This project primarily addresses the question of how neural dynamics in the motor thalamus and motor cortex are altered in 6-OHDA lesioned animals in a locomotor task.  He also helps in developing the software associated with behavioral monitoring and mouse training. 

Porter Harrast

Porter Harrast PhotoMr. Harrast received his B.S. in neuroscience from Bates College in 2016, and came to the Jaeger lab after working in the Hess lab in Emory's Department of Pharmacology.  He holds the position of research specialist and lab manager in the Jaeger lab since Fall 2016.  For the Udall project he performs stereotaxic injection surgery to inject adeno-associated viral vectors into the Substantia Nigra and/or VM Thalamus and fiber-optic implants for optogenetic stimulation.  He also prepares 6-OHDA lesioned mice.  The experiments aim to elucidate the functional role of the SNr and VM thalamus in goal-directed movement and deficits associated with this circuit in Parkinsonism.